When we look at the past two months of our IMD MBA, the start-up engagement project has been a unique learning experience. The IMD MBA provides an unmatched emphasis on learning about the reality of entrepreneurship by letting us engage directly with an early stage start-up and work with them to provide tangible results.

We work with Joris Storskogen (CEO and co-founder) and Nusret Salihi (CTO and co-founder) of CoatChecker Gmbh, which is a start-up based in Winterthur, in Switzerland. Joris and Nusret saw the potential in the construction industry for a single device that would enable non-destructive testing of the thickness of different types of coating on any type of substrate. They developed CoatChecker, a coating thickness measurement device, with a unique measurement technique and a new software database which allows them to provide quick non-destructive thickness readings. Such a device has potential to improve the quality and reliability of constructions – take a look at this quick video demonstration:


Our team is working with CoatChecker to create a market entry strategy for their innovative new product. Through our market analysis, we received first-hand feedback from the market and learned how different businesses define the value for the product. We got to see the differences in the market between Switzerland and other countries in Europe, and could glimpse into the start-up scene in Switzerland. We have had our work-to-date reviewed by coaches and professional advisors who provide us with a new way of thinking and ensure we are in the right direction.

Our diverse project team has people from 6 countries across 4 continents spanning the East to the West with backgrounds in sales & marketing, business development, engineering, finance and consulting. The collective synergy and alternate perspectives have provided unique learning in developing business models, testing the markets, using digital marketing tools, and evaluating financial models. We’re happy to be together on this project and glad to be able to contribute to CoatChecker.

Our team from left to right: David (Spain), Korbchai (Thailand), Praveen (India), Joris (CEO and co-founder, CoatChecker, Switzerland), Lauren (USA), Nusret (CTO and co-founder, CoatChecker, Switzerland), Maria (Russia), and Pedro (Brazil).



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