We live in a noisy world. Increasingly in our lives there seems to be less time for a quiet moment of reflection. According to the Greek tragedist, Euripides, Silence is true wisdom’s best reply, yet it appears that the contemporary world is one where noise prevails and where the loudest is the carrier of the truth. Avatronics is a courageous startup company based in Lausanne. Their aim is to introduce predictive active noise cancellation in the communication and media reproduction devices industry.

I am working in a team of six MBAs for the IMD start-up project and, together with my colleagues, I immediately felt a connection with Avatronics’ mission and values. As we deep dive into the deliverables and into the definition of our role with the company, we discover the disruptive potential of their product and the various possible applications it could have. Active noise cancellation is a method to reduce sound by emitting a second opposite sound wave designed to cancel the first. The problem of this method is that, for irregular noises which continuously change, it is difficult to consistently adapt and therefore emit a wave that cancels the other fast enough. The disruptive potential of Avatronics comes from a patented technology which allows the prediction of incoming signals to emit an opposite wave. This technology increases the effectiveness of noise cancellation and improves the transfer of relevant information.

Immediately puzzled by the technological complexity of our startup, we rolled our sleeves up and started working on which one of the numerous applications would make economic sense and came up with several proposals. Last week, as we climbed the hilly roads of Lausanne towards our startup headquarters, we shared a common feeling of satisfaction and gratitude for having been exposed to the daily issues of a promising start up company and proposing innovative ideas to their resolutions.


Avatronics team

Our team from left to right: Andrea Bertino, Fernando Serra, Jeyran Hezaveh (Cofounder), Muhammad Atif, Amir Farahani (Cofounder), Danu Thanaboonchai and Nicolas Berczely (missing: Juho Lievonen)


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