In January, when we were signing up for the start-up projects, none of us comprehended that we were going to be part of something truly fascinating.

Tristan and Marek, the co-founders of TWIICE, have embarked on a mission to help people who suffer from lower limb mobility impairment. The start-up has developed an exoskeleton, a wearable robotic structure designed around the morphology and shape of the human body that help patients to stand up, walk at various speeds, manoeuvre stairs…

The team’s objective was to help TWIICE answer two questions – “where to play” and “how to win”. Over the last four months the team mapped out patient journeys, identified key stakeholders’ needs and conducted interviews with physiotherapists, neurologists, insurance companies and medical device experts across the globe. In addition, the team also tested different business models and drew tactical plans that will support the company in achieving its goals in the near future.

We worked as a team, drawing on each other’s strengths, leveraging past experiences and in-class learnings. This project was an intense experience that allowed us to get a feel for the kind of hurdles, challenges and excitements an entrepreneur can go through.

As this project draws to an end, it is difficult not to feel emotional. We have been astounded by the passion that drives the co-founders of TWIICE to help people in need, and the IMD team feels immensely privileged to have been part of this journey!



From left to right: Claudine, Ankit, Guilherme, Marco, Tristan and Marek (TWIICE), Pallavi and Camille

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