The second half of the program starts today, and Shubham shares some of his insights and expectations.

 A lot of my classmates have looked back on our journey of the last 6 months and described what being at IMD has been like. What I find amazing, is that while the individual nitty-gritty of our journeys might have been different, all of us have been through the same roller coaster of emotions, failures, awe-inspiring moments, heartaches and joys.

In the process, I believe, I have become a different person, we have become different people!

Back in December, I thought conquering the world was merely 12 months away. I knew my life would change but only on the outside, on paper, with a fancy MBA degree – enough to earn me a lot of respect for my freshly acquired applicable skills. In the bigger scheme of things, before the start I expected this year to provide a sort of instant gratification and perhaps ammunition to carry on with life afterwards. At the start, I was convinced that I had it pretty much figured out!

Among the innumerable things I have learnt thus far, the IMD MBA has grounded me. I no longer view this year as an end, rather the means to an end. I have grown more and more attached to the journey of perpetual learning and realized that the MBA is not the silver bullet. It has made me aware of not only the hard-outside realities but more importantly, the complexities within. The meticulously designed coursework has opened my mind towards the joy of learning which encourages me to attempt to untangle and continue making sense of the world around me. It has helped evolve my imagination and while I did manage to learn a fair bit, the experience has made me a lot more curious than before.

The summer break has given us the opportunity to step out and back into our own worlds, which has helped me personally to gain additional perspective. The conversations I have these days have moved from whats and hows to a whole bunch of whys! While I have started viewing my surroundings with a different lens, I, having cleared what earlier blocked my vision, have managed to get a clearer view of my own self.

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The vacation is now over and we are back in Lausanne. The next few months will be intense. I have already assured myself of what is to come – which is more of what we have already been through – the roller coaster of emotions, failures, awe-inspiring moments, heartaches and joys. The part that excites me most though, is that all of that will unfold in completely different contexts and unique circumstances which I am intently looking forward to.

Irrespective of what transpires next, I will emerge wiser from the IMD MBA experience.

Shubham Jain



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