IMD awards scholarships based on merit and financial need to encourage diversity in each class. See the 2020 results.

IMD claims that we use our scholarships to promote diversity in the class. But what does this actually mean? To give you an idea, here is an overview of our IMD MBA Scholarship winners in this year’s class.

IMD Diversity Scholarship Winners

This group is not only diverse in terms of nationality, but also includes people from the oil and gas industry, finance, and biotech as well as a mechatronic engineer and an entrepreneur. They have between 6 – 10 years of work experience each:

The Shanghai Challenge Scholarship

This went to Jia (Fiona) Zuo – Chinese. Fiona was selected out of the 30 participants in our 2019  ‘Create the Future‘ Challenge, the first time that we held this event in China.

Scholarships for Women

We are committed to encourage even more women into the program who can contribute to a more balanced future in society. This committment resulted in us awarding our first Forté Foundation Scholarships for Women to two impressive women: Ruchi Senthil from India and XiaoTing (Iris) He from China – a microbiologist and a sales and marketing specialist.

Alumni Scholarships

IMD MBA alumni are also strong supporters of our mission. They have added to our scholarship offerings through the Lausanne Alumni Club Scholarship and the IMD MBA Class of 1976 Scholarship. These were awarded to American Shweta Mukesh, and Chinese Haichen Liu – both keen entrepreneurs with equally strong corporate experience.

Financial Need & Merit Scholarships

We gave out 18 Financial Need Scholarships to encourage those who might otherwise not have had the means to take part in our program, but who we feel will bring great value to class discussions and the overall class experience and have the drive to continue making an impact after graduation. We also awarded six Merit Scholarships to candidates who impressed the admissions team throughout the application process:

External Scholarship Sponsors

In addition, we are always grateful to the support of our sponsors:

The Nestlé Scholarship for Women was founded in 1997 as the result of an IMD MBA class project. This year it was awarded to Stephanie Hurry from South Africa, who has 12 years of financial services experience.

The Staton Scholarship was founded by one of our alumni in 2002. It was awarded this year to Javier Valy, from Argentina, who has 10 years of experience in the energy industry.

And our more recent Steward Hamilton Scholarship, founded in memory of an unforgettable Accounting Professor with strong beliefs in Corporate Governance, was awarded to Olabisi Ayodeji. Olabisi is a Nigerian with 7 years of experience in equity research across various industries.

A final mention should go to Konstantinos Pierros, who was awarded the Sainsbury Management Fellowship. These scholarships target engineers of high career potential who are accepted into one of 15 major international business schools.

The MBA team would like to congratulate all of the above IMD MBA scholarship winners in the 2020 class and to thank all sponsors who contribute.

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