IMD and MBA participants pull together to keep on track in face of the COVID-19 situation.

This is a strange and concerning moment. A moment when leadership and collaboration are needed across the globe.

In many cases, this global crisis is bringing out the best in people. At IMD and for our MBAs, it is impressive to see everyone clearly demonstrating that we are all in this together, one team figuring this out and doing all we can in light of the rapidly changing situation to keep the school and our programs on-track in a safe and responsible way.

When the MBA Dean, Professor Seán Meehan, addressed the class at the start of the year, he said, “Remember, this is your year. Each year is unique; each brings it own challenge; each its own “moment”. How you react, individually and collectively will stay with you forever.” What better time to be reminded of these words than now?

As the school adapts and puts in place essential health and safety measures, often ahead of the guidelines issued by the Swiss federal and/or cantonal governments, our MBAs are knuckling down, staying focused and keeping their deliverables on track.

Their positive attitude and professionalism helps us as we work to limit risks, take advantage of opportunities and ensure the overall MBA experience remains as close to the original expectations of our participants as possible.

In a time of uncertainty, change and the challenge of an unprecedented situation, our MBAs are proving to us yet again that they are true leaders in the making.

MBA Recruitment and Admissions team

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