The beginning of exams, IMD has accommodated us amazingly in getting us ready and now it is up to us to complete these exams.

You never really realise how truly great something is until it is disrupted: even exams are turning out differently!

The module 1 exams are upon us; this year with an obvious significant difference, it is all online. Due to the current state of the world, we are writing from our home computers with open book exams. This doesn’t differ a lot from the normal state of affairs; although some subjects have had to adapt their styles to accommodate this.

Once again IMD has prepared us well throughout the year. It is now up to us to show them our stuff. One thing I have noticed about the 2 exams written so far is the practical nature of the testing. It has come a long way from my engineering degree where I was expected to quote and prove the first principles of differentiation and the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The testing we are given is extremely practical in nature. How do we take the mountains of knowledge we have learnt and apply it to real world scenarios, effectively practicing for our new careers. I am thoroughly enjoying this way of testing as it really lets me apply my thoughts and opinions.

As can be seen the class is still close, sharing their exam “halls” with a smile on their faces, some may have a little more help than others from their furry friends or 1-year-olds. IMD has accommodated us amazingly with the exams being issued and received by our integrated online system, Canvas. In turn we have committed to the integrity of the course, confirming that the work is all our own after every submission. This is the real world – If it is not your work you will fail and in the real world the consequences are extremely dire.

Once again I thank my classmates for the endless positive attitude and IMD for keeping us going no matter what this world can throw at us. Next week is our Easter break, a time for consolidation and reflection.



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