Life threw Smrita Khanna in the UAE a curveball on a casual day at work when a call from the IMD MBA admission team offered a brand-new life.

A call from IMD and in a flash, I encountered an immense rush of feelings: exalted with joyful tears, nonetheless I was anxious about the life-changing decisions I would have to take in the upcoming days.

Moments of Self Introspection

Of course, leaving behind my second home, Dubai, where I lived for 8 years, was never an easy task. However, once I had learned from alumni about their ultimate IMD experience, I was super ready for a new beginning ushering my path for growth.

Preparations for D Day

Being a last round applicant, I was panicking about applying for my student visa in Covid-19. Luckily, with the help of IMD and MBA batchmates, it was a smooth breeze. Overwhelmed by the quantum of preparations, every little step felt like an accomplishment, a moment to celebrate!

Distinguished MBA Cohort

While I am truly impressed by the assistance that IMD provides, I am in awe of my diversified international batch mates from various industries and regions. They have such rich experience and a passion to connect and help each other.

We wait for our fortnightly virtual session where we learn so much about each. Whether it be professional, personal or cultural – helping hands, guiding each other and growing together in our journey- these are stories to cherish throughout my life.

Clocks are Ticking

As we draw closer to January, we are learning about the measures taken by IMD in these unprecedented times. The enthusiasm is building higher and boosting my confidence towards a better tomorrow.

I can’t wait to be on the campus and to experience the real deal of IMD’s charisma. The Year 2021 is certainly going to be a remarkable year in our lives. We will learn, establish new bonds and bring a change to society- miles to go before we realize our dreams.

Smrita Khanna

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