The constant uncertainty of 2020 is a great opportunity to practice the lessons from the stoics, including the pursuit of a top MBA.

Seneca once said that the whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately. I cannot think of a better year in the life of many to put the stoics’ wisdom into practice. However, when I embarked on pursuing a top MBA, I underestimated the number of obstacles I would face. From closed passport offices, constrained flights, and modified GMAT formats to the complications of organizing the biggest move of my life amid a pandemic.

I cannot deny I even wondered if I would have to delay the pursuit of my goal. The concerns expressed by some family and colleagues were of no help in fully convincing me. Every week there was a new twist to the health situation in different countries and the responses of governments. However, focusing on events out of my sphere of control was not the answer, I knew I had to keep going.

Several months later, with a long-lasting smile from my admission letter, I am extremely grateful to my past self. The quality of responses by IMD has been a constant reassurance about my timing and choice of place. I feel short of words to express my excitement about learning from the faculty and an incredibly diverse and successful class. I am already learning a lot just from the messages and video calls we have shared: from new dishes and software to  new goals and destinations to include on my bucket list. However, what really stood out for me about this class and alumni, is the eagerness to support anyone in need. In the few months we have been in contact, no request for a favor has been left unattended.

I am now about to start this journey that seemed so far away a year ago. While I would love to admit there are no remaining fears, I must confess it is not easy to leave home and a familiar environment. But I can also guarantee that the excitement about all the growth ahead far surpass the doubts. And I am sure that a year from now, I will be able to support these decisions with countless anecdotes.  


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