The last week of the MBA program is full of sessions with the community and final leadership skills.

The MBA’s are wrapping up the program this week with a few interesting sessions with our IMD community.

First was an introduction to the alumni community which we will be part of tomorrow once we walk off the stage!

Second, as IMD focuses on leadership and impact, we had a session with Professor Jennifer Jordan and took a look at where we came from and where we’re going. As many of the students in the auditorium reflected, I can definitely say, on behalf of the class, that we have grown immensely. Leadership is a huge buzzword in business today but IMD’s leadership stream has given us the tools to build skills we can use in everyday life.

We also had the International Consulting Project awards. These recognized the teams that provided exceptional results and made a difference in the organizations they assisted. It was a fun way to see the change we made to all the organizations and the great feedback we all got. I can’t wait to hear about the experiences the 2022 class will have and the places they’ll travel to!

Additionally, our current Dean, Professor Seán Meehan provided his and the faculty’s take on our growth and development throughout the year. It was humbling to hear our class’ first impression at the beginning of the year and how we’ve challenged, pushed our limits, and exceeded expectations.

All of this was beneficial for the class to hear, summarize, and reflect. However, the real emotions came with our last class with Professor George Kohlreiser. He asked us one simple question, what will your story be? We have all gone through this experience together and now it is coming to an end. As this chapter closes, will we, as individuals, dare to challenge our colleagues and organizations to create impact? At the same time, will we care for those around us and encourage them to be their best self? We have the toolkit and now it is time to put it into action.

Before we move on, we had the opportunity to thank and show appreciation with each other as a class. The heartwarming comments show that the family we created this year will continue on and no matter what adversity is encountered. We have each other to conquer anything.


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