Graduation Day marked the end of a truly interesting year. We’ve broadened our knowledge, made new friends, and created lifelong networks.

Everything we did this year from the class groupings, leadership streams, integrative exercise, discovery expeditions and international consulting projects led us to this very special day. Nonetheless, we were all still overwhelmed with emotions as we stood in line ready to make our entrance into the hall to receive our awards.

The heavy snow in Lausanne that morning did add a poetic touch to the day. However much more than that, there was the feeling of accomplishment, excitement, joy, and interestingly a bit of sadness that all of this was coming to an end. The myriad of emotions was strongly visible on our faces.

Graduation speakers

Our keynote speaker and fellow IMD MBA 1994 Alumnus, Alexander Wilhelmsen, emphasized the importance of relationships as a tool for success as we progress to the next stage of our lives. Accordingly, I remind everyone:

  1. Learn how to build a good team
  2. Create an environment that supports emotional connections with your teams
  3. Never forget the importance of friendships formed during the MBA year

Our class valedictorian, Campbell Brown also shared some parting words which encapsulate our feelings:

We came in strong. And we leave strong.
We started as 97 participants. Now we are a family of 97 who became MBA’s and leaders during the turbulence of the pandemic. And we will take all of this into the next part of our lives.
A family that we can call on.
A renewal of the resilience we have as individuals.
That we as individuals, as groups, and as members of our companies and communities can have a real impact on the world.
We are the brave 97, [centum fortes]!

Graduation Gala

The graduation ceremony was rounded up with a beautiful Gala night hosted by Alexandre Ringwald and Rita Yuan at the Beau Rivage Hotel.

The highlight of the Gala was a choreography performed by MBA grads and organized by Aksinia Stavskaya. This performance infused a mixture of dance across various cultures and genres; from hip-hop to afrobeat and ballet, highlighting the diversity that IMD is known for.

As we all get set to travel to new geographies or back home, I wish every member of the Centium Fortes class safe travels and success in their new undertakings.

We made it! Signing out with love,

“ It’s SoSo”
Eseosa Asemota

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