The one-year IMD MBA program in Lausanne starts in January. However, for Annica Ahlström, the MBA experience started many months ago when she received her acceptance call.

After the virtual welcome day, which was organised one week after the acceptance call, I have been organising practicalities and preparations for the move to Lausanne. First, I just had to enjoy the feeling of being admitted, I was so excited for the year ahead at IMD.

This fall has gone by really fast and January is approaching fast. IMD’s MBA Support Team have been extremely helpful during this time, they have really assisted with everything and made sure we have a clear checklist of what to take care of.

The best part has been getting to know my fellow MBA candidates. We are a truly diverse group of people with various backgrounds and experiences. We have arranged bi-weekly Zoom calls and we interact through our cohort Telegram group. This has also been a great source of support and help with arranging all the practicalities. You realise that you are not alone in this – some 90 others are struggling with the same preparations.

We have already received some pre-work and assignments to do, which makes the situation feel much more real. I can feel that the MBA is just around the corner. Every time I open my Finance book I get very excited, but at the same time I’m mentally preparing myself for the great amount of work that lies ahead of us. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to all the learning and personal development during the coming year.

Since the beginning, I have received a warm welcome from the whole IMD team and everyone has just been incredibly kind and supportive. I really appreciate the feeling of everyone knowing you personally and that you are not just one in the crowd. I’m eagerly waiting for the program start in January and to finally meet everyone in person, both classmates and faculty!


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