Alicia Gong, IMD MBA Nestlé Scholarship winner, is passionate about diversity and inclusion.

I grew up in the USA with a generous dash of Chinese influence. Although my address is forever changing with every career transition, I am always on the lookout for a hot Vinyasa studio bumping some electronic beats (Lost Frequencies + Louis the Child).

Denver SkyLine

From rolling out my yoga mat in studios in London, to drying my tennis shoes in a Parisian laundromat, I knew that I wanted to be in Europe for more than just a holiday. I went to the drawing board and mapped the CFA and MBA routes. After six months of studying for the CFA level 1 and the June exam cancellation due to Covid-19, my plans pivoted to my IMD application two rounds earlier than anticipated.

Moving through the application process, I embraced the act of vulnerability with my assessment-day group to share how diversity and inclusion is my passion. This inspired my strategy to remind female colleagues that we could lean on each other as we hit all time stock market lows and uncertainty earlier this year.

Los Angeles

I will confess that I feared the idea of being vulnerable with others in my early 20’s. Only to find by age 29, that vulnerability is the key to understanding and safely testing boundaries with others. In financial services this the skill that will make or break your client relationships. Vulnerability is being the most genuine and authentic version of yourself through the good and the bad.

I am ready to be vulnerable with the 2021 IMD cohort and roll out my yoga mat in Lausanne. 


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