American Doug Petry, identified IMD as his top choice during the COVID pandemic. His goal? To make a lasting impact towards a sustainable future.

COVID-19 Global Impact

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone around the world in an immensely monumental manner. And while the lasting memories from the pandemic will undoubtedly be of the lives lost, the time forced away from friends and family, and the disastrous impact on every economy; there have been a few bright spots that have emerged from the forced shutdowns. Major metropolitan areas across the world saw significant reductions in air pollution; small farmers found market to fill the void left empty by large static supply chains; and protesters across the United States and Europe made their voices heard as they demanded social justice and structural change.

COVID-19 Personal Impact

Personally, the pandemic has forced my business partners and I to make difficult decisions regarding the future of our businesses, and ultimately brought about the closing of one endeavor. However, the slow down and forced isolation also provided me the opportunity to reflect on where I was in life, and how I wanted to approach the next phase in both my personal and professional life. The reflections gave me the clarity of intention for the next phase in my career – to make a lasting impact towards a sustainable future through business. 

With this determination I began researching business schools, and very quickly identified IMD as my top choice. After stressing over the GMAT, the self-reflective essays, and the virtual assessment day; I was elated to be offered a place in IMD’s 2021 cohort. Now, in addition to the course pre-work, the visa and residency applications, securing an apartment in Lausanne, and everything else involved in moving across an ocean; I just had to drive across the United States to deliver my four-legged companion, Lester, to my Dad’s house in Maine where he would live for the next year.

Transitioning to IMD

All of my concerns and stresses for the transition to life at IMD were immediately assuaged with all of the support from the team at IMD and fellow members of the 2021 MBA cohort. The group chat provided answers before potential problems had arisen, and the team at IMD ensured that every box would be checked. I know that there is a long way yet to go in my MBA journey, but I could not be more excited to embark on such a journey with the support of my peers and the IMD administrative team. 

Doug Petry

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