"There is a season, a time appointed for everything and a time for every delight and event on the earth." Temitope Orekoya, IMD MBA Diversity Scholarship winner.

Since that thrilling congratulatory call from Francesca on 20th October, life as I know it has moved so fast and yet so slowly.

Being part of the final round intake meant I barely had two months to prepare for my big move to Switzerland and start my new life.

To close this season and chapter, I made a 2.5-hour trip twice (because of a Covid case at the embassy) to submit my visa application. And another once my visa was approved, an anxious wait. I negotiated a rent refund with my landlord and set up a garage sale to sell off my ten pieces of assets, minimalism is awesome!

Simultaneously, thanks to the amazing IMD team simplifying the processes, I booked my apartment, phone number and insurance. All that was left was to bring myself to Lausanne to kickstart the new season that awaits me. Oh, and yes, complete my pre-work, which I have enjoyed reading some and struggled with others. But I was determined to push myself to complete them all.

I am also looking forward to joining my 97 classmates. Some I have already met physically for coffee. The remaining delightful bunch, I have spent hours getting to know over our Saturday zoom calls.

Despite all of this, I still managed to take it slow and magnify my little pleasures. I spent as much time as possible with friends, family, the city I have come to cherish, my apartment, the views of the water, watching the sunset from the beach and the sunrise in the desert. I did not underestimate the joy of taking it all in, every delight!

While I anticipate that the year ahead will be transformational and life changing, I still catch myself asking and wondering what the new season will be like and looking forward to embracing all that it brings with it.

Temitope Orekoya

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