I’m finding the MBA class of 2021 at IMD to be different than I expected. My colleagues are experienced mid-career professionals - not simply MBA students.

Every classmate I have met has come to IMD to accelerate an already inspiring journey.

Every classmate brings a unique value to IMD that already many have started to share.

Everyone I have met here is already successful and already has so much to give.

In the spirit of sharing these experiences, I want to outline three vignettes from campus from the first week:

In the first week of conversations at IMD there is a moment when you scrunch up your face or shrink into your chair because you are not quite sure how you got lucky enough to be in this conversation. It takes a little while to see that quite often your fellow conversationalist has the same look on their face, and that you, and everyone else in the conversation is fortunate enough to belong here.

I am immensely grateful to the IMD MBA community; my classmates, the professors and staff, the alumni, and many others. I am still in awe of being a part of this with all of you!


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