Exams approaching

We are now officially done with our startup project. We presented to VCs yesterday. We also presented our work to our startup today and handed over all our work. It has been a fantastic learning experience for us thinking from the perspective of a real startup! loanboox is such a fast growing startup today in Switzerland. Hopefully all 6 of us will cross paths with the startup in the future.

We went to a nice restaurant by the beautiful lake for a quick celebratory lunch after our VC presentations. Here is all 6 of us posing at the shores of lake geneva.


Now that the presentations are over, we are about to finally start preparations for our first term exams starting next week.

The official bloggers are going to be rather quiet for the next two weeks (exams + easter). We will see you soon just after our exams.


What meets the eye…

Today’s guest entry is by Rajashree Patankar, from India, who is writing about her startup experience with Eyeware and her team: Yik long Lee (Hong Kong Chinese), Noah Lev (Canadian/Dutch), Elpida Lygerou (Greek), Beatrice Maccaferri (Italian), and Tiago Santos (Portuguese).

How wonderful would it be if you could read someone’s eyes effortlessly! Imagine a world where things work at the wink of an eye and not at the click of a mouse. The world is evolving and so are our needs with the advent of technology in our lives. Eye tracking is that opportune technology that can change the way we perceive things. Eyeware is the startup revolutionizing the integration of human-machine interaction in everyday life. Continue reading “What meets the eye…”

Take care of the moments

Today’s guest entry is by our Australian / British participant, Matthew Costello. 

If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.

Coming into the program I expected the intensity to be overwhelming and I was not disappointed. It can be described as nothing short of a tidal wave. You arrive at the ‘beach’ and everything looks pretty. Continue reading “Take care of the moments”

Danish Design Awards Potential Finalist

Today’s guest entry is written by Patricia Nyberg, who is working with the startup moveART along with her team (from the left in the below photo): Carel Hoffman (South African),  Patricia Nyberg, (Finnish), Viktor Bisovetskyi (Ukrainian),  Louis Lozouet (Brazilian/French), Zehra Ali (American), and Baiyu Li (Chinese).

 Group 9

Continue reading “Danish Design Awards Potential Finalist”

The ups and downs of entrepreneurship

Today’s guest entry is a follow up from Thibault on his startup experience with Hydromea (see his post from January)

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have your own business? I’m not talking about the glossy life as CEO of a listed company. I’m talking about the venture, the ad-venture, the part just after you have come up with a brilliant idea, the sort of idea that you think no one has thought of and everyone is trying to steal from you. This part is usually an emotional roller-coast for entrepreneurs, in which they go through the exhilaration of seeing unlimited opportunities in countless markets and at the same time wonder how come they still don’t generate stable cash flows although they have a PhD and a patent! Continue reading “The ups and downs of entrepreneurship”