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By suzylaurent - 13 July 2020
Some images from the Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva) during these summer months.
By Aditi Kulkarni - 10 July 2020
Learnings from the current situation on what it takes to be a great leader.
By Lingman Peng - 8 July 2020
A journey of reflection on self-awareness and leadership by lac Léman.
By suzylaurent - 6 July 2020
Some of the many ways to enjoy the summer months of Switzerland.
By Kevin Yang - 3 July 2020
The MBA Digital Analytics week draws to an end with everyone more at ease with the realities of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data.
By Lingman Peng - 1 July 2020
Reflections on the start of the MBA Digital Analytics Week, with Python, Big Data and AI on the menu. Which team will win the competition?

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By Atul Kumar - 26 June 2020
As we approach the midpoint of the MBA program, here is a relook into the whirlwind past six months in our MBA journeys.
By Waithera Kinyeki - 24 June 2020
From Nairobi to the IMD campus in Lausanne, Waithera shares some decision-making and resilience tips.
By Atul Kumar - 19 June 2020
Its time to step outside the IMD bubble for the MBAs by preparing to put classroom learnings to test in the real world and then heading off to the summer break