Impression rage

This week was notable by the number of speakers in our program: IMD alumni of 90’s, 2000’s and 2015, as well as J&J and McKinsey&Co guests. The whole gallery of characters, personalities, stories, individual and professional challenges, power of knowledge and will, flexibility and firmness and what not. Career services occupy more space in our agenda.

We worked with dilemmas of brand power, in- and outbound marketing, accounting and conflict solving; we “sold” lab equipment and made cash flow reports.

Our committees perform so well, that I struggle prioritizing: healthcare, consulting, technology, energy, social and women in leadership clusters organized activities this week. Sports committee visualized the whole spectrum of assets that are luckily represent in our class.

After three months of waiting a small branch of my granny’s houseplant finally took rootes in a glass of water on my window-sill.

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Depending on a viewpoint

The last days were tough: studies, projects, essays, emotions, challenges, and just a couple of hours for sleep… Can I endure more? A great training for perfectionistsJ! Some say that life is stripy, if you move across, or, if lengthwise, just an endless, black stripe. I disagree – from now on my days are either good or perfect. I can’t structure yet what IMD gives me, but definitely I am enjoying changing.


We had guests speakers. One is an IMD MBA alumnus, a successful entrepreneur, who gives an impression of a happy person. He seems to get drive from all his incredible ups-and-downs in business. He is looking for change and change is looking for him. His enthusiasm and desire to make the world better are contagious. And I feel proud of belonging to the IMD community. Another guest speaker is a business angel. According to him, there is nothing to be afraid of in uncertainty – it’s everywhere. People and organizations approach it differently: some structure it slowly unless they get a comfortable result, which by that time becomes obsolete. The others just jump in, but those who have a secure base, reduce risk and stress. And another valuable observation is that change itself is useless – it can bring added value when it relies on values of people and organizations. If you want to make change, devote yourself completely, partial trial worths nothing.

Like a Jerome K. Jerome’s medical student, who found in himself symptoms of all known diseases (MDs know that well), except for a housemaid’s knee, I started dreaming “what would I be if I worked in operations, in finance, in accounting or as a CEO?”. We get a very hands-on education, in which school-reality boundaries are squeezed and erased.

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Goli  commented on  Friday, February 19, 2016  2:03 PM 

Nice article, Aysylu !

Welcome to the IMD MBA Class of 2016

This is it. It’s really happening. The Class of 2016 has officially kicked-off!

I am over the moon to be here and to be able to share my MBA experience together with the Blog Team – which by the fun we had taking the first group shots I can say is a great one!

Let me briefly introduce myself: I am Brazilian, based in São Paulo and a passionate workaholic in the Technology Industry, working for the past 8 years in LatAm’s #1 Business Software company. From attending High School in an American Boarding School in Switzerland to juggling three waiting jobs in London or researching my family origins in Italy, a number of international experiences have shaped who I am.

However, nothing compares to – hum – a day in the IMD Foyer. No, really. It’s not because you’re talking to 89 people from all over the world. It’s because those people are some of the most interesting and successful people from their countries. And they have lived or worked in at least 4 or 5 other countries. And their vast backgrounds. And their openness to share. AND we know we’re just scratching the surface. Amazing!

When I first started my MBA journey, a very experienced admissions coach said: “IMD is very unique and, unlike schools with larger classes, they never get it wrong in admissions. You can be certain that whoever gets in will be incredible.” I have to say he was right!

Starting something I’ve been planning for a long time brings out many different feelings, but most of all I am very grateful for being here right now. An MBA admission is never a one-man job. My loving husband put up with my anxiety, lack of time and the inevitable changes ahead. Busy recommenders gave me their time and valuable advice. My leaders trusted me with bold challenges and priceless lessons. My teams gave me a daily chance to be a better leader. The IMD Alumni who never ceased to awe me with their humbleness, maturity and candor. And even those who tried to convince me I was insane were an important part of the process.

Now it’s time to change seats, buckle up and go deep into this unique and intensive program. Classes officially start tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Wishing you an amazing 2016,

Sílvia Simões